Work of the Association

The ESN TU Dresden e.V. is an association of students that organizes events, excursions and parties for all international students of the university in order to make their stay in Dresden as great as possible. Our team consists of students and alumni of the Technical University of Dresden who share one common interest: foreign languages and cultures. We are students planning events for other students! Most of us have lived abroad themselves – studying, working or just traveling. As we enjoyed hospitality in other countries, we now want to give some of it back to international guests in Dresden.

That is why our aim is to make it easier for exchange students to integrate into our university and the city of Dresden by answering questions and solving problems concerning student life in our town.

Apart from that, we bring foreign and German students together. Our fair ‘Go Abroad!’ aims on informing German students about possibilities for a stay abroad. Former ERASMUS students and international students of the TU answer questions about their countries and their home universities. That is how we promote the spirit of ERASMUS in Dresden and hope to bring different people and countries together.

Structure of the Association

The board consists of three elected members. It represents our association in public, takes care of cooperations and partners and manages our funds. It is supported by three assessors who take care of the semester planning, member service and represent the association within the ESN network. The members are assigned to different teams, e.g.  event organization, webteam and public relations. 

Charitable Benefit

We are an association that encourage the following purposes of public benefit:

  • Promotion of public and professional education as well as the student support
  • Promotion of tolerance and international attitude in all spheres of culture

We are authorized to give you a receipt for the tax office for donations given for this porpuse in accordance with the Finanzamt Dresden Süd.