At the 15th of November National Reading Day takes place in Germany. ESN Dresden is cooperating with „Romain-Rolland Gymnasium Dresden“ for the first Social Erasmus project this semester.

What is it about? The National Reading Day wants to stress the importance of reading in general and especially to raise awareness how important it is to read aloud to kids. Last year more than 130.000 people in the whole country took part in this project and visited kindergartens, schools or book stores to read their favorite stories to children. We would also like to address the topic of cultural exchange during that day so that's why we ask you to join!

What do I have to do? You're English or French or Spanish native speaker? GREAT! We would be delighted if you would support us. Share 45 min of your time to read a piece of your favorite story/fairy tale to children (which either learn English or French or Spanish at school) in your mother tongue.

Please contact if you‘re interested! You will get further information via e-mail. :-)

15/11/2019 - 07:45 to 14:30
Meeting Point: 
Romain-Rolland-Gymnasium Dresden
no fee
Contact details:
  • Everyone is invited.