This semester we not just want you to have a great time in Dresden, but we would also love to share your experiences! For this purpose, we developed the Semester Attendance Challenge. The concept is easy: During the whole winter semester you can earn points by different actions. Each point is worth one ticket for the big tombola at the Farewell Party at the end of the semester. And the more tickets you have, the higher your chance to win one of the main prizes! Furthermore, there are smaller guaranteed and weekly prizes.

How to participate and earn points?

  1. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram. (1 Point)
  2. Participate in our events and share a selfie or photo.
    1. If you have a public account on Facebook (@erasmus.dresden) or Instagram page (@esntudresden) use the two hashtags #sac2122 and #erasmusindresden.
    2. If your account is private, send a email to with the photo

    3. Otto shows you how this can look like: (1 Point each)

  3. There will be     specific social media posts, where we ask for your opinion, wishes or to take part in a poll. Interact with us here! (1 Point each)


What to win?

  • Taking part in 10 events during the whole semester (and sharing a picture, see 2.) guarantees you a small prize already.
  • Every week (from Monday till Sunday) one Picture of the Week is chosen and wins a prize. The winner is announced during the Länderparty on Tuesday and on social media.
  • The final tombola takes place during the Farewell Party at the end of the semester. Three main prizes with restaurant vouchers, ESN merchandise and more will be awarded here. The more points you have, the more tickets you get and the higher your chances to win! The winners will also be announced on social media.
  • Prizes are directly awarded during the Länderparties and Farewell Party. If you’re not there, you can pick them up at our kiosk, please contact us before.